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Brand Enforcement Program

The Bluetooth SIG has spent a lot of time and resources registering the Bluetooth® trademarks on a worldwide basis. In order to protect their use, the Brand Enforcement Program works to ensure that only properly licensed companies are using the Bluetooth trademarks, and that the trademarks are being used only with qualified goods and services.

If you suspect a Bluetooth brand violation, please report it to the Bluetooth SIG for further investigation.

Enforcement Situations and Possible Actions

  • Situation: Bluetooth SIG member company misuses the Bluetooth brand in relation to a qualified product.
    Action: Member company is contacted and asked to update the product, packaging, marketing material, website, etc. that is in violation.
  • Situation: Bluetooth SIG member company uses the Bluetooth brand in relation to an unqualified product.
    Action: This type of violation would be turned over to the Qualification Enforcement team for immediate action
  • Situation: A company that is not a Bluetooth SIG member uses the Bluetooth brand in relation to a Bluetooth enabled product
    Action: Company is contacted and asked to become a member of the Bluetooth SIG, verify qualification status of the product, and use the Bluetooth brand correctly.
  • Situation: Noncompliance in brand-related matters and non-response to communication from the Bluetooth SIG.
    Action: The Bluetooth SIG may take legal action against such company.

First Quarter 2013 Accomplishments

  • 20 violations were opened
  • 17 violations were closed
  • 25 Trademark Watch Notices were reviewed
  • 112 issues were reported by US Customs

Bluetooth Brand Resources

  • Bluetooth Brand Guide — Refer often to the Brand Guide when you are using the Bluetooth trademarks. If you have any questions in regard to appropriate brand use, please contact the Brand Manager.
  • Official Bluetooth registered trademarks — The Bluetooth SIG provides the files for the Bluetooth figure mark, combination mark, Bluetooth Smart mark and Bluetooth Smart Ready mark. Please download the registered trademarks provided by the SIG and use them in your marketing materials. Because the Bluetooth word mark can be used in any color, font,, and size, it is not available for download.
Bluetooth; Bluetooth Smart; Bluetooth Smart Ready