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New to the SIG

​If your company recently joined the Bluetooth SIG, welcome! Read on to learn how to get the most out of your membership.

Learn and get involved

The Bluetooth SIG provides members with a wide range of training and events where they can learn about Bluetooth® technology and how to develop great Bluetooth products.

  • Online training: Members can view online training about Bluetooth v4.0 and low energy technology, the SIG's Profile Tuning Suite tool, how to test and qualify your products, and more.
  • Working Group Summit: This week-long annual meeting brings together Bluetooth SIG groups from around the world.
  • Bluetooth World: This two-day annual event is held every spring. Members help influence decisions on the future direction of Bluetooth technology and learn about new SIG programs and initiatives.
  • Test events: The SIG holds three interoperability test events (called UnPlugFest) every year for engineers, in a variety of locations around the world.
  • Press and analyst events: The Bluetooth SIG travels worldwide to meet with journalists and analysts, educating them about Bluetooth technology and products.
  • Trade shows and conferences: The Bluetooth SIG participates in trade shows around the world, delivering keynotes and helping SIG members attract more customers.

For details, visit our Training and Events sections.

Qualify and list your products through the compliance program

One of the primary purposes of the Bluetooth SIG is to help members ensure that all Bluetooth products are properly qualified and comply with the Bluetooth license agreements. There are two steps of the compliance process—qualification and declaration—members complete using an online tool administered by the SIG. ​Learn more about the compliance program or get started with the qualification process​. 

Use our brand to your advantage

Consumers trust the Bluetooth brand. They know it means their Bluetooth devices will work with other Bluetooth devices.

The Bluetooth brand can only be used by Bluetooth SIG members and must be used in accordance with the Brand Guidelines. Having the Bluetooth trademarks on your product tells the market two things:

  • You are an approved Bluetooth SIG member (only members may use the brand)
  • Your product has undergone the Bluetooth Qualification Program (only qualified products may bear the Bluetooth word mark and logos)

Here's how to get started using the Bluetooth brand.

Get involved and help influence the technology

The Bluetooth SIG offers members many opportunities to get involved. In addition the events listed above where you can get to know other SIG members, there are many working groups and committees where you can help influence the future of Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth technology is developed entirely through the collaboration of SIG members. Working Group and SIG Committee participation will enable your company to have an edge on your competitors through your ability to help shape and form the future of Bluetooth technology. Working groups and committee members are on the frontlines developing new specifications and enhancing existing ones.

Working Group membership is open only to Promoter and Associate members, but Study Groups and Expert Groups are open to all membership levels.

Here's how to get started joining Bluetooth SIG working groups and contribute to Bluetooth specifications.

Upgrade to Associate

There are many benefits to upgrading from Adopter membership to Associate membership, such as the ability to join Working Groups and early access to draft specifications, as well as financial benefits. To learn more, visit the Associate Membership page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about what it means to become a Bluetooth SIG member? Check our membership FAQ.

Membership agreements and policies

Want to examine all the details of SIG membership? Take a look at our Membership Agreements page.