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Processing Request
Company Identifiers

​​​​This table gives a unique numeric identifier for each Bluetooth SIG member company requesting one. These are assigned by the Bluetooth SIG.

Each Bluetooth SIG member assigned a Company Identifier may use the assigned value for any/all of the following:

Application and Assignment Process

Submit the following via email to​:

  1. Company information (legal name of company)
  2. Name of company's primary contact (name and email)
  3. A statement that your company is currently a Bluetooth SIG member in good standing*

Please allow five business days for your request to be fulfilled, and two business days from the time your request is fulfilled to view your Company Identifier on this page.

BLUETOOTH Member in Good Standing” shall mean any firm, corporation or other legal entity that has been admitted to membership in the BLUETOOTH SIG, whether a Promoter Member, Associate Member or Adopter Member, as defined in the organizational documents, that has fulfilled all of the requirements for membership, has paid and is current with payment of any and all membership fees, dues and assessments, and whose membership neither has been voluntarily or involuntarily suspended, terminated, or withdrawn from membership consistent with the lawful provisions of the organizational documents of the BLUETOOTH SIG.”

Company ID
00x0000Ericsson Technology Licensing
10x0001Nokia Mobile Phones
20x0002Intel Corp.
30x0003IBM Corp.
40x0004Toshiba Corp.
90x0009Infineon Technologies AG
100x000ACambridge Silicon Radio
110x000BSilicon Wave
120x000CDigianswer A/S
130x000DTexas Instruments Inc.
140x000ECeva, Inc. (formerly Parthus Technologies, Inc.)
150x000FBroadcom Corporation
160x0010Mitel Semiconductor
170x0011Widcomm, Inc
180x0012Zeevo, Inc.
190x0013Atmel Corporation
200x0014Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
210x0015RTX Telecom A/S
220x0016KC Technology Inc.
240x0018Transilica, Inc.
250x0019Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
260x001ATTPCom Limited
270x001BSignia Technologies, Inc.
280x001CConexant Systems Inc.
310x001FAVM Berlin
320x0020BandSpeed, Inc.
330x0021Mansella Ltd
340x0022NEC Corporation
350x0023WavePlus Technology Co., Ltd.
370x0025NXP Semiconductors (formerly Philips Semiconductors)
380x0026C Technologies
390x0027Open Interface
400x0028R F Micro Devices
410x0029Hitachi Ltd
420x002ASymbol Technologies, Inc.
440x002CMacronix International Co. Ltd.
450x002DGCT Semiconductor
460x002ENorwood Systems
470x002FMewTel Technology Inc.
480x0030ST Microelectronics
500x0032Red-M (Communications) Ltd
510x0033Commil Ltd
520x0034Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC)
530x0035Eclipse (HQ Espana) S.L.
540x0036Renesas Electronics Corporation
550x0037Mobilian Corporation
570x0039Integrated System Solution Corp.
580x003AMatsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
590x003BGennum Corporation
600x003CBlackBerry Limited (formerly Research In Motion)
610x003DIPextreme, Inc.
620x003ESystems and Chips, Inc.
630x003FBluetooth SIG, Inc.
640x0040Seiko Epson Corporation
650x0041Integrated Silicon Solution Taiwan, Inc.
660x0042CONWISE Technology Corporation Ltd
670x0043PARROT SA
680x0044Socket Mobile
690x0045Atheros Communications, Inc.
700x0046MediaTek, Inc.
720x0048Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
730x00493DSP Corporation
740x004AAccel Semiconductor Ltd.
750x004BContinental Automotive Systems
760x004CApple, Inc.
770x004DStaccato Communications, Inc.
780x004EAvago Technologies
790x004FAPT Licensing Ltd.
800x0050SiRF Technology
810x0051Tzero Technologies, Inc.
820x0052J&M Corporation
830x0053Free2move AB
840x00543DiJoy Corporation
850x0055Plantronics, Inc.
860x0056Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications
870x0057Harman International Industries, Inc.
880x0058Vizio, Inc.
890x0059Nordic Semiconductor ASA
900x005AEM Microelectronic-Marin SA
910x005BRalink Technology Corporation
920x005CBelkin International, Inc.
930x005DRealtek Semiconductor Corporation
940x005EStonestreet One, LLC
950x005FWicentric, Inc.
960x0060RivieraWaves S.A.S
970x0061RDA Microelectronics
980x0062Gibson Guitars
990x0063MiCommand Inc.
1000x0064Band XI International, LLC
1010x0065Hewlett-Packard Company
1020x00669Solutions Oy
1030x0067GN Netcom A/S
1040x0068General Motors
1050x0069A&D Engineering, Inc.
1060x006AMindTree Ltd.
1070x006BPolar Electro OY
1080x006CBeautiful Enterprise Co., Ltd.
1090x006DBriarTek, Inc.
1100x006ESummit Data Communications, Inc.
1110x006FSound ID
1120x0070Monster, LLC
1130x0071connectBlue AB
1140x0072ShangHai Super Smart Electronics Co. Ltd.
1150x0073Group Sense Ltd.
1160x0074Zomm, LLC
1170x0075Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
1180x0076Creative Technology Ltd.
1190x0077Laird Technologies
1200x0078Nike, Inc.
1210x0079lesswire AG
1220x007AMStar Semiconductor, Inc.
1230x007BHanlynn Technologies
1240x007CA & R Cambridge
1250x007DSeers Technology Co. Ltd
1260x007ESports Tracking Technologies Ltd.
1270x007FAutonet Mobile
1280x0080DeLorme Publishing Company, Inc.
1290x0081WuXi Vimicro
1300x0082Sennheiser Communications A/S
1310x0083TimeKeeping Systems, Inc.
1320x0084Ludus Helsinki Ltd.
1330x0085BlueRadios, Inc.
1340x0086equinox AG
1350x0087Garmin International, Inc.
1370x0089GN ReSound A/S
1390x008BTopcorn Positioning Systems, LLC
1400x008CGimbal Inc. (formerly Qualcomm Labs, Inc. and Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc.)​​
1410x008DZscan Software
1420x008EQuintic Corp.
1430x008FStollman E+V GmbH
1440x0090Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
1450x0091Advanced PANMOBIL Systems GmbH & Co. KG
1460x0092ThinkOptics, Inc.
1470x0093Universal Electronics, Inc.
1480x0094Airoha Technology Corp.
1490x0095NEC Lighting, Ltd.
1500x0096ODM Technology, Inc.
1510x0097ConnecteDevice Ltd. GmbH
1530x0099i.Tech Dynamic Global Distribution Ltd.
1550x009BJiangsu Toppower Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.
1560x009CColorfy, Inc.
1570x009DGeoforce Inc.
1580x009EBose Corporation
1590x009FSuunto Oy
1600x00A0Kensington Computer Products Group
1620x00A2Vertu Corporation Limited
1630x00A3Meta Watch Ltd.
1640x00A4LINAK A/S
1650x00A5OTL Dynamics LLC
1660x00A6Panda Ocean Inc.
1670x00A7 Visteon Corporation
1680x00A8ARP Devices Limited
1690x00A9Magneti Marelli S.p.A
1700x00AACAEN RFID srl
1710x00ABIngenieur-Systemgruppe Zahn GmbH
1720x00ACGreen Throttle Games
1730x00ADPeter Systemtechnik GmbH
1740x00AEOmegawave Oy
1760x00B0Passif Semiconductor Corp
177 0x00B1Saris Cycling Group, Inc
178 0x00B2​Bekey A/S
179 ​0x00B3 ​Clarinox Technologies Pty. Ltd.
180 ​​0x00B4 ​BDE Technology Co., Ltd.
181 ​​0x00B5 Swirl Networks
182 ​​0x00B6 ​Meso international
183 ​​0x00B7 ​TreLab Ltd
184 ​​0x00B8 ​Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. (QuIC)
185 ​​0x00B9 ​​Johnson Controls, Inc.
186 0x00BA ​Starkey Laboratories Inc.
187 ​​0x00BB ​​S-Power Electronics Limited
188 ​​0x00BC ​​Ace Sensor Inc
189 ​​0x00BD ​​Aplix Corporation
190 ​​0x00BE ​​AAMP of America
191 ​​0x00BF ​​Stalmart Technology Limited
192 ​​0x00C0 ​​AMICCOM Electronics Corporation
193 ​​0x00C1 ​​Shenzhen Excelsecu Data Technology Co.,Ltd
194 ​​0x00C2 ​​Geneq Inc.
195 ​​0x00C3 ​​adidas AG
196 ​​0x00C4 ​​LG Electronics​
​197 ​0x00C5 ​Onset Computer Corporation
​198 ​0x00C6 ​Selfly BV
​199 ​0x00​C​7 ​Quuppa Oy.
​200 ​0x00​C8 GeLo Inc
​201 ​0x00​C9 Evluma
​202 ​0x00​CA MC10
​203 ​0x00​CB Binauric SE
​204 ​0x00​CC Beats Electronics
​205 ​0x00​CD Microchip Technology Inc.
​206 ​0x00​CE Elgato Systems GmbH
​207 ​0x00​CF ARCHOS SA
​208 ​0x00​D0 Dexcom, Inc.
​209 ​0x00​D1 Polar Electro Europe B.V.
​210 ​0x00​D2 Dialog Semiconductor B.V.
​211 ​0x00​D3 Taixingbang Technology (HK) Co,. LTD.
​212 ​0x00​D4 Kawantech
​213 ​0x00​D5 Austco Communication Systems
​214 ​0x00​D6 Timex Group USA, Inc.
​215 ​0x00​D7 Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
​216 ​0x00​D8 Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc.
​217 ​0x00​D9 Voyetra Turtle Beach
​218 ​0x00​DA txtr GmbH
​219 ​0x00​DB Biosentronics
​220 ​0x00​DC Procter & Gamble
​221 ​0x00​DD Hosiden Corporation
​222 ​0x00​DE Muzik LLC
​223 ​0x00​DF Misfit Wearables Corp
​224 ​0x00​E0 Google
​225 ​0x00​E1 Danlers Ltd
​226 ​0x00​E2 Semilink Inc
​227 ​0x00​E3 inMusic Brands, Inc
​228 ​0x00​E4 L.S. Research Inc.
​229 ​0x00​E5 Eden Software Consultants Ltd.
​230 ​0x00​E6 Freshtemp
​231​0x00E7​KS Technologies
​232​0x00E8​ACTS Technologies
​233​0x00E9​Vtrack Systems
​234​0x00EA​Nielsen-Kellerman Company
​235​0x00EB​Server Technology, Inc.
​236​0x00EC​BioResearch Associates
​237​0x00ED​Jolly Logic, LLC
​238​0x00EE​Above Average Outcomes, Inc.
​239​0x00EF​Bitsplitters GmbH
​240​0x00F0​PayPal, Inc.
​241​0x00F1​Witron Technology Limited
​242​0x00F2​Aether Things Inc. (formerly Morse Project Inc.)
​243​0x00F3​Kent Displays Inc.
​244​0x00F4Nautilus Inc​.
​245​0x00F5​Smartifier Oy
​246​0x00F6​Elcometer Limited
​247​0x00F7​VSN Technologies Inc.
​248​0x00F8​AceUni Corp., Ltd.
​250​0x00FA​Crystal Code AB
​251​0x00FB​KOUKAAM a.s.
​252​0x00FC Delphi Corporation
​253​0x00FD​ValenceTech Limited
​255​0x00FF​Typo Products, LLC
​256​0x0100​TomTom International BV
​257​0x0101​Fugoo, Inc
​258​0x0102​Keiser Corporation
​259​0x0103​Bang & Olufsen A/S
​260​0x0104​PLUS Locations Systems Pty Ltd
​261​0x0105​Ubiquitous Computing Technology Corporation
​262​0x0106​Innovative Yachtter Solutions
​263​0x0107​William Demant Holding A/S
​264​0x0108​Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd.
​265​0x0109​Atus BV
​266​0x010A​Codegate Ltd.
​267​0x010BERi, Inc.
​268​0x010C​Transducers Direct, LLC
​269​0x010D​Fujitsu Ten Limited
​270​0x010E​Audi AG
​271​0x010F​HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd.
​272​0x0110​Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.
​273​0x0111​Steelseries ApS
​274​0x0112Visybl Inc.
​275​0x0113​Openbrain Technologies, Co., Ltd.
​278​0x0116​1OAK Technologies
​279​0x0117​Wimoto Technologies Inc
​280​0x0118​Radius Networks, Inc.
​281​0x0119​Wize Technology Co., Ltd.
​282​0x011A​Qualcomm Labs, Inc.
​283​0x011B​Aruba Networks
​285​0x011D​Arendi AG
​286​0x011E​Skoda Auto a.s.
​287​0x011F​Volkswagon AG
​288​0x0120​Porsche AG
​289​0x0121​Sino Wealth Electronic Ltd.
​290​0x0122​AirTurn, Inc.
​291​0x0123​Kinsa, Inc.
​292​0x0124​HID Global
​293​0x0125​SEAT es
​294​0x0126​Promethean Ltd.
​295​0x0127​Salutica Allied Solutions
​296​0x0128​GPSI Group Pty Ltd
​297​0x0129​Nimble Devices Oy
​298​0x012A​Changzhou Yongse Infotech Co., Ltd
​300​0x012C​TEMEC Instruments B.V.
​301​0x012D​Sony Corporation
​302​0x012E​ASSA ABLOY
​303​0x012F​Clarion Co., Ltd.
​304​0x0130​Warehouse Innovations
​305​0x0131​Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
​3060x0132​MADS Inc
​307​0x0133​Blue Maestro Limited
​308​0x0134​Resolution Products, Inc.
309​​0x0135​Airewear LLC
​310​0x0136Seed Labs, Inc. (formerly ETC sp. z.o.o.)​
​311​0x0137​Prestigio Plaza Ltd.
​312​0x0138​NTEO Inc.
​313​0x0139​Focus Systems Corporation
​314​0x013A​Tencent Holdings Limited
​316​0x013C​Murata Manufacuring Co., Ltd.
​​318 ​0x013E​Nod, Inc.
​​319 ​​0x013F​B&B Manufacturing Company
​320​0x0140​Alpine Electronics (China) Co., Ltd
​321​0x0141​FedEx Services
​322​0x0142​Grape Systems Inc.
​323​0x0143​Bkon Connect
​324​0x0144​Lintech GmbH
​325​0x0145​Novatel Wireless
​327​0x0147​Mighty Cast, Inc.
​328​0x0148​Ambimat Electronics
​329​0x0149​Perytons Ltd.
​330​0x014A​Tivoli Audio, LLC
​331​0x014B​Master Lock
​332​0x014C​Mesh-Net Ltd
​333​0x014D​Huizhou Desay SV Automotive CO., LTD.
​334​0x014ETangerine, Inc.
​335​0x014FB&W Group Ltd.
​336​0x0150​Pioneer Corporation
​338​0x0152​Vernier Software & Technology
​339​0x0153​ROL Ergo
​340​0x0154​Pebble Technology
​342​0x0156​Accumulate AB
​343​0x0157​Anhui Huami Information Technology Co., Ltd.
​344​0x0158​Inmite s.r.o.
​345​0x0159​ChefSteps, Inc.
​346​0x015A​micas AG
​347​0x015B​Biomedical Research Ltd.
​348​0x015CPitius Tec S.L.
​349​0x015DEstimote, Inc.
​350​0x015EUnikey Technologies, Inc.
​351​0x015FTimer Cap Co.
​354​0x0162MADSGlobal NZ Ltd.
​355​0x0163PCH International
​356​0x0164Qingdao Yeelink Information Technology Co., Ltd.
​357​0x0165Milwaukee Tool (formerly Milwaukee Electric Tools)
​358​0x0166MISHIK Pte Ltd
​359​0x0167Bayer HealthCare
​360​0x0168Spicebox LLC
​362​0x016ACooper-Atkins Corporation
​365​0x016DLifeScan Inc
​366​0x016EVolantic AB
​367​0x016FPodo Labs, Inc
​368​0x0170Roche Diabetes Care AG
​369​0x0171Amazon Fulfillment Service
​370​0x0172Connovate Technology Private Limited
​371​0x0173Kocomojo, LLC
​372​0x0174Everykey LLC
​373​0x0175Dynamic Controls
​375​0x0177I-SYST inc.
​377​0x0179LAPIS Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
​378​0x017ATelemonitor, Inc.
​379​0x017Btaskit GmbH
​380​0x017CDaimler AG
​382​0x017EBluDotz Ltd
​383​0x017FXTel ApS
​384​0x0180Gigaset Communications GmbH
​385​0x0181Gecko Health Innovations, Inc.
​386​0x0182HOP Ubiquitous
​387​0x0183To Be Assigned
​389​0x0185bel'apps LLC
​390​0x0186CORE Lighting Ltd
​391​0x0187Seraphim Sense Ltd
​392​0x0188Unico RBC
​393​0x0189Physical Enterprises Inc.
​394​0x018AAble Trend Technology Limited
​395​0x018BKonica Minolta, Inc.
​396​0x018CWilo SE
​397​0x018DExtron Design Services
​398​0x018EFitbit, Inc.
​399​0x018FFireflies Systems
​400​0x0190Intelletto Technologies Inc.
​402​0x0192Cloudleaf, Inc
​403​0x0193Maveric Automation LLC
​404​0x0194Acoustic Stream Corporation
​406​0x0196Paxton Access Ltd
​407​0x0197WiSilica Inc
​408​0x0198Vengit Limited
​409​0x0199SALTO SYSTEMS S.L.
​410​0x019ATRON Forum (formerly T-Engine Forum)
​411​0x019BCUBETECH s.r.o.
​412​0x019CCokiya Incorporated
​413​0x019DCVS Health
​415​0x019FStrainstall Ltd
​416​0x01A0Channel Enterprises (HK) Ltd.
​420​0x01A4Mine Safety Appliances
​421​0x01A5Icon Health and Fitness
​422​0x01A6Asandoo GmbH
​425​0x01A9Canon Inc.
​426​0x01AAGeophysical Technology Inc.
​427​0x01ABFacebook, Inc.
​428​0x01ACNipro Diagnostics, Inc.
​429​0x01ADFlightSafety International
​430​0x01AEEarlens Corporation
​431​0x01AFSunrise Micro Devices, Inc.
​432​0x01B0Star Micronics Co., Ltd.
​433​0x01B1Netizens Sp. z o.o.
​434​0x01B2Nymi Inc.
​435​0x01B3Nytec, Inc.
​436​0x01B4Trineo Sp. z o.o.
​437​0x01B5Nest Labs Inc.
​438​0x01B6LM Technologies Ltd
​439​0x01B7General Electric Company
​440​0x01B8i+D3 S.L.
​441​0x01B9HANA Micron
​442​0x01BAStages Cycling LLC
​443​0x01BBCochlear Bone Anchored Solutions AB
​444​0x01BCSenionLab AB
​445​0x01BDSyszone Co., Ltd
​446​0x01BEPulsate Mobile Ltd.
​447​0x01BFHong Kong HunterSun Electronic Limited
​448​0x01C0pironex GmbH
​449​0x01C1BRADATECH Corp.
​450​0x01C2Transenergooil AG
​452​0x01C4DME Microelectronics
​453​0x01C5Bitcraze AB
​454​0x01C6HASWARE Inc.
​455​0x01C7Abiogenix Inc.
​456​0x01C8Poly-Control ApS
​458​0x01CALaerdal Medical AS
​459​0x01CBFetch My Pet
​460​0x01CCSam Labs Ltd.
​461​0x01CDChengdu Synwing Technology Ltd
​464​0x01D0Primus Inter Pares Ltd
​466​0x01D2Gill Electronics
​467​0x01D3Sky Wave Design
​468​0x01D4Newlab S.r.l.
​469​0x01D5ELAD srl​
​4700x01D6​G-wearables inc.
​4710x01D7​Squadrone Systems Inc.
​4720x01D8​Code Corporation
​4730x01D9​Savant Systems LLC
​4740x01DA​Logitech International SA
​4750x01DB​Innblue Consulting
​4760x01DC​iParking Ltd.
​4770x01DD​Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
​4780x01DE​Minelab Electronics Pty Limited
​4790x01DF​Bison Group Ltd.
​4800x01E0​Widex A/S
​481​​0x01E1​Jolla Ltd
​482​​0x01E2​Lectronix, Inc.
​483​​0x01E3​Caterpillar Inc
​484​​0x01E4​Freedom Innovations
​485​​0x01E5​Dynamic Devices Ltd
​486​​0x01E6​Technology Solutions (UK) Ltd
​487​​​0x01E7​IPS Group Inc.
​4890x01E9​Sano, Inc​
​4900x01EA​Advanced Application Design, Inc.​
​4910x01EB​AutoMap LLC​
​492​0x01EC​Spreadtrum Communications Shanghai Ltd
​493​0x01ED​CuteCircuit LTD
​494​0x01EE​Valeo Service
​495​0x01EF​Fullpower Technologies, Inc.
​497​0x01F1​Zebra Technologies Corporation
​498​0x01F2​Itron, Inc.
​499​0x01F3​The University of Tokyo
​500​0x01F4​UTC Fire and Security
​501​0x01F5​Cool Webthings Limited
​502​0x01F6​DJO Global
​503​0x01F7​Gelliner Limited
​504​0x01F8​Anyka (Guangzhou) Microelectronics Technology Co, LTD
​505​0x01F9​Medtronic, Inc.
​506​0x01FA​Gozio, Inc.
​507​0x01FB​Form Lifting, LLC
​508​0x01FC​Wahoo Fitness, LLC
​509​0x01FD​Kontakt Micro-Location Sp. z o.o.
​510​0x01FE​Radio System Corporation
​511​0x01FF​Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
​512​0x0200​Verifone Systems PTe Ltd. Taiwan Branch
​513​0x0201​AR Timing
​514​0x0202​Rigado LLC
​515​0x0203​Kemppi Oy
​5160x0204​​Tapcentive Inc.
​5170x0205​Smartbotics Inc.​
​5180x0206​Otter Products, LLC​
​5190x0207​​STEMP Inc.
​520​0x0208​LumiGeek LLC
​5210x0209​​InvisionHeart Inc.
​5220x02​0AMacnica Inc. ​
​523​0x020B​Jaguar Land Rover Limited
​5240x020C​CoroWare Technologies, Inc
​525​0x020D​Simplo Technology Co., LTD
​526​0x020E​Omron Healthcare Co., LTD
​527​0x020F​Comodule GMBH
​529​0x0211​Telink Semiconductor Co. Ltd
​530​ 0x0212​Interplan Co., Ltd
​531​0x0213​Wyler AG
​532​0x0214​IK Multimedia Production srl
​533​0x0215​Lukoton Experience Oy
​534​0x0216​MTI Ltd
​535​0x0217​Tech4home, Lda
​536​0x0218​Hiotech AB
​537​​0x0219​DOTT Limited
​538​​​0x021A​Blue Speck Labs, LLC
​539​​​​0x021B​Cisco Systems Inc
​540​​​​0x021C​Mobicomm Inc
​542​​​​0x021E​Goodnet Ltd
​543​​​​0x021F​Luster Leaf Products Inc
​544​0x0220​Manus Machina BV
​545​0x0221​Mobiquity Networks Inc
​546​0x0222​Praxis Dynamics
​547​0x0223​Philip Morris Products S.A.
​548​0x0224Comarch SA
549​​0x0225Nestlé Nespresso S.A.
​550​​​0x0226​Merlinia A/S
551​​​0x0227LifeBEAM Technologies
​552​​​​0x0228​Twocanoes Labs, LLC
​553​​​​0x0229​Muoverti Limited
​554​0X022AStamer Musikanlagen GMBH
​555​​​​0x022B​Tesla Motors
​556​​​​​0x022C​Pharynks Corporation
​558​​​​​0x022E​Siemens AG
​559​​​​​0x022F​Huami (Shanghai) Culture Communication CO., LTD
​560​​​​​0x0230​Foster Electric Company, Ltd
​561​​​​​​0x0231ETA SA
​562​​​​​​0x0232​ x-Senso Solutions Kft
​563​​​​​​​0x0233​ Shenzhen SuLong Communication Ltd
​564​​​​​​​​0x0234​ FengFan (BeiJing) Technology Co, Ltd
​565​​​​​​​​0x0235​ Qrio Inc
​566​​​​​​​​0x0236​ Pitpatpet Ltd
​567​​​​​​​​​0x0237​ MSHeli s.r.l.
​568​​​​​​​​​0x0238​Trakm8 Ltd
​569​​​​​​​​​0x0239​JIN CO, Ltd
​570​​​​​​​​​​0x023A​Alatech Technology
​571​0x023B​Beijing CarePulse Electronic Technology Co, Ltd
573​​0x023D​ViCentra B.V.
​574​0x023E​Raven Industries
​575​0x023F​WaveWare Technologies
​576​​0x0240​Argenox Technologies
​577​​​0x0241​Bragi GmbH
​578​​​0x0242​16Lab Inc
​579​0x0243​Masimo Corp
​580​0x0244​Iotera Inc.
​582​0x0246​ACKme Networks, Inc.
​583​0x0247​FiftyThree Inc.
​584​0x0248Parker Hannifin Corp​
​585​0x0249​Transcranial Ltd
​586​0x024A​Uwatec AG
5870x024B​Orlan LLC
​588​0x024C​Blue Clover Devices
​589​0x024D​M-Way Solutions GmbH
​590​0x024E​Microtronics Engineering GmbH
​591​0x024F​Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH
​5920x0250​​Sapphire Circuits LLC
​593​0x0251​Lumo Bodytech Inc.
​594​0x0252​UKC Technosolution
​595​0x0253​Xicato Inc.
​597​0x0255​Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
​598​0x0256​G24 Power Limited
​599​0x0257​AdBabble Local Commerce Inc.
​600​0x0258​Devialet SA
​602​0x025A​University of Applied Sciences Valais/Haute Ecole Valaisanne
​603​0x025B​Five Interactive, LLC dba Zendo
​604​0x025C​NetEase (Hangzhou) Network co.Ltd.
​605​0x025D​Lexmark International Inc.
​606​0x025E​Fluke Corporation
607​​0x025FYardarm Technologies​
​609​0x0261​SECVRE GmbH
610​​0x0262​Glacial Ridge Technologies
​611​0x0263​Identiv, Inc.
612​0x0264​DDS, Inc.
​613​0x0265​SMK Corporation
​614​0x0266​Schawbel Technologies LLC
​615​0x0267​XMI Systems SA
​617​0x0269​​Torrox GmbH & Co KG
​619​0x026B​DEKA Research & Development Corp.​
​620​0x026C​Domster Tadeusz Szydlowski
​621​0x026D​Technogym SPA​
​623​0x026F​Aptcode Solutions​
​624​0x0270​LSI ADL Technology​
​625​0x0271​Animas Corp
​626​0x0272​Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
​628​0x0274​Motsai Research
​630​0x0276​E.G.O. Elektro-Gerätebau GmbH
​631​0x0277​​bewhere inc
​6320x0278​​Johnson Outdoors Inc
​633​0x0279​steute Schaltgerate GmbH & Co. KG
​634​0x027A​Ekomini in​c.​
​6350x027B​​​DEFA AS
​6360x027C​Aseptika Ltd​
​637​​0x027D​HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. ( 华为技术有限公司 )​
​6380x027E​​HabitAware, LLC
​639​0x027F​ruwido austria gmbh​
​640​0x0280​ITEC corporation
​6420x0282​​Sonova AG
​643​0x0283​Maven Machines, Inc.
​644​0x0284​Synapse Electronics
​6450x0285​​Standard Innovation Inc.
​646​0x0286​RF Code, Inc.
​647​0x0287​Wally Ventures S.L.
​648​0x0288​Willowbank Electronics Ltd
​649​0x0289​SK Telecom
​650​0x028A​Jetro AS
​651​0x028B​Code Gears LTD
​652​0x028C​NANOLINK APS
​653​0x028D​​IF, LLC
​654​0x028E​RF Digital Corp
​655​0x028F​Church & Dwight Co., Inc
​656​0x0290​Multibit Oy​
​657​0x0291​CliniCloud Inc​
​659​0x0293Blue Bite​​
​660​0x0294​​ELIAS GmbH
​661​0x0295​Sivantos GmbH
​663​0x0297​storm power ltd
​664​0x0298​EISST Ltd​
​665​0x0299​Inexess Technology Simma KG​
​666​0x029A​​Currant, Inc.
​667​0x029B​C2 Development, Inc.​
​668​0x029C​Blue Sky Scientific, LLC
​670​0x029E​Kupson spol. s r.o.
​671​0x029F​Areus Engineering GmbH​
​672​0x02A0​Impossible Camera GmbH
​673​0x02A1​InventureTrack Systems​
​676​0x02A4​Pacific Lock Company
​677​0x02A5​Tendyron Corporation ( 天地融科技股份有限公司 )​
​678​0x02A6​Robert Bosch GmbH
​679​0x02A7​Illuxtron international B.V.
​680​0x02A8​miSport Ltd.
​682​0x02AA​​Doppler Lab
​683​0x02AB​BBPOS Limited
​684​0x02AC​RTB Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG​​
​685​0x02AD​Rx Networks, Inc.
​686​0x02AE​​WeatherFlow, Inc.
​​687​0x02AFTechnicolor USA Inc.​
​689​0x02B1​​Raden Inc
​690​0x02B2​JouZen Oy
​6910x02B3​​​CLABER S.P.A.
​692​0x02B4​Hyginex, Inc.
​694​0x02B6​Schneider Electric
​695​0x02B7​Oort Technologies LLC​
​​696​0x02B8​Chrono Therapeutics
​6970x02B9​​Rinnai Corporation
​698​0x02BA​​Swissprime Technologies AG
​700​0x02BC​Genevac Ltd​
​702​0x02BE​Seguro Technology Sp. z o.o.
​703​0x02BF​Redbird Flight Simulations
​704​0x02C0​Dash Robotics
​705​0x02C1​LINE Corporation​
​706​0x02C2​​Guillemot Corporation
​707​0x02C3​Techtronic Power Tools Technology Limited
​708​0x02C4​Wilson Sporting Goods
​709​0x02C5​Lenovo (Singapore) Pte Ltd. ( 联想(新加坡) )​
​710​0x02C6​Ayatan Sensors
​711​0x02C7​Electronics Tomorrow Limited
​712​0x02C8​VASCO Data Security International, Inc.​
​713​0x02C9PayRange Inc.​
​714​0x02CA​Abov Semiconductor
​715​0x02CB​AINA-Wireless Inc.​
​65535​0xFFFF​This value has special meaning depending on the context in which it used.

Link Manager Protocol (LMP): This value may be used in the internal and interoperability tests before a Company ID has been assigned. This value shall not be used in shipping end products.

Device ID Profile: This value is reserved as the default vendor ID when no Device ID service record is present in a remote device.


Other values reserved​​​

Marketing; Specification