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Bluetooth Qualification and Declaration Processes

​​​​​​One of the primary purposes of the Bluetooth SIG is to help members ensure that all Bluetooth® products are properly qualified and comply with the Bluetooth license agreements. There are two steps in the process members complete using an online tool administered by the SIG—qualification and declaration​​. ​Learn more about the compliance program or get started below.

Process Overview

The process includes two primary stepsqualification and declaration. By completing these steps, members will demonstrate and declare their product's compliance to the requirements and conditions of the membership agreements.

There are different ways to complete the process depending on how you develop your product(s).

  • You will follow "Start A" if you are: 
    • Building a new design or application
    • Changing an existing Qualified Design
  • You will follow "Start B" if you are:
    • Using existing End Product or Subsystem Qualified Design(s)
    • Branding/re-branding another member's product(s)

For more detailed information, you can download the start guide. If you need help at any time, contact us.

Start A: Qualification Testing and Documentation

All products implementing Bluetooth wireless technology must complete applicable testing requirements based on their design's supported features. Successful completion of this process will grant you a QDID for reference in the Declaration Process.
Create a Project

StepProcess DescriptionHelp Resources
​1.Create a Qualification Project

Using the online Test Plan Generator  (TPG):

  1. Choose the applicable design Product Type (End Product, Subsystem, Component, Development Tool or Test Equipment)
  2. Select the design's supported Bluetooth specification features
  3. Verify feature compliance using the automated consistency checker in the TPG
  4. Generate Test Plan
Process Experts
​2.Perform Qualification Testing
  1. Execute all test cases listed in the Test Plan
  2. Generate Test Evidence Report(s)
  3. Document test verdicts in Test Plan – once complete, becomes Test Declaration


​3.Create and store a Compliance Folder
  1. Includes all required documentation defined in the PRD Section 3.2 (e.g. product description, design information, and test evidence)

Submit Test Evidence

  1. Upload Test Declaration and Test Evidence Reports

Once all testing steps are completed, proceed with the Product Listing and Declaration steps below. For more detailed information regarding Qualification Testing and Documentation, visit the document library.

Start B: Product Listing and Declaration

All members implementing Bluetooth wireless technology into a product must complete a Product Listing and Declaration of Compliance (DoC) referencing the Qualified Design (QDID) they built, changed, used or branded.

A Product Listing may include multiple products if each product implements the same QDID referenced in the DoC.
Create a Listing

StepProcess Description ​Help Resources

Purchase a Declaration ID
Price depends on membership levelsee the fees page for more information             

Membership Overview

Declaration Process Document​

​2. Create a New Listing
Using the online Qualification Listing Interface (QLI):​​
  1. Reference the new project or QDID(s) of the Qualified Design(s) being declared
  2. List your product(s)

Search Listings

​3. Sign a Declaration of Compliance (DoC)
There are two versions of the DoC:
  • New or changed Qualified Designs
  • Used or branded Qualified Designs

The QLI will automatically generate the correct version based on your selections. The signed DoC must be added t​o the Compliance Folder of new or changed Qualified Designs (e.g. Start A)

The completion of all Product Listing and Declaration requirements is the final step in the process. Members may update their listings at any time including adding new products to their Product List.

Document Library

Qualification Requirements (PRD)​​Current Bluetooth Qualification Program requirements (version 2.3)
​Translate​d Qualification Documents (PRD)*​*Note: New PRD 2.3 translation is in progress
​​​​Declaration Process (DPD)​Current Bluetooth Declaration Process requirements (version 1.0)
Training Documents ​A zip folder containing a collection of training documents

Brand Usage Guide

​​This document describes the requirements for placing the Bluetooth mark on qualified designs and products (03 December 2013)

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