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Member Company Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd
Declaration ID B012420
QD ID 3827   |   Export ICS
PRD 1.0 ID (QP ID)
Wi-Fi® Certification ID
Subsetted Projects
Date Created Type ICS
Jan 17, 2007 Main ICS
Design Name ClarinoxBlue400
Design Model Number
Hardware Version Number NA
Software Version Number 4.0.0
Qualification Assessment Date February/05/2007
Listing Date February/05/2007
Design Description Product name ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth Product type Host Subsystem Software status Release version 4.0.0 Design Characteristics ClarinoxBlue contains an Application Control Centre that simplifies the API calls and controls the functions of Device, Security and Stack Management. Flexibility ClarinoxBlue handles complex applications utilizing both multiple profiles and multiple local Bluetooth devices, thus allowing an application to interact with several local Bluetooth devices simultaneously. This feature is beneficial for applications such as forming complex networks. Provision for interfacing the stack with legacy applications is also provided. Simple API The simplicity of the ClarinoxBlue API greatly reduces application development times. In fact for most applications the code written based upon ClarinoxBlue will only be one third of the number of lines required for other stacks. The plain language style also facilitates faster test and debug cycles Portability The portable framework ClarinoxSoftFrame that prevents the necessity of OS specific code in the stack and applications. The ClarinoxSoftFrame framework provides an operating system wrapper functionality including multi-threading, timers, semaphores, mutexes, critical region protection and inter-process message passing. ClarinoxSoftFrame also provides serial drivers, socket drivers as well as higher level functionality such as event handling and finite state machine implementation for a modular architecture. In the implementation the complexity of these functionalities is hidden as much as possible from the end user by using an object oriented approach. Modular Design The implementation is based on ANSI C/ C++.

Product Type Host Subsystem  
Specification Name 2.0/2.0+EDR
Product List
Listed By gokhan tanyeri
Referenced QDID Profile Information
 QDID: 3827
Profile / Protocol Role / Version (If Any)
Headset Profile Audio Gateway (AG)
Headset (HS)
Service Discovery Protocol  
Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol  
Generic Access Profile  
RFCOMM with TS 07.10  
Serial Port Profile  
Service Discovery Application Profile Local Device (LocDev)
Host Controller Interface