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Member Company Nordic Semiconductor ASA
Declaration ID B017595
QD ID 28701   |   Export ICS
PRD 1.0 ID (QP ID)
Wi-Fi® Certification ID
Subsetted Projects
Date Created Type ICS
Jan 5, 2011 Main ICS
Design Name µBlue nRFGo
Design Model Number nRF8001 BX
Hardware Version Number 1.0
Software Version Number 1.0
Qualification Assessment Date January/10/2011
Listing Date January/10/2011
Design Description A complete Bluetooth low Energy stack, combining the RF PHY, LL and Host layer. The nRF8001 BX stack is compliant with the Bluetooth core specification v4.0.

Product Type End Product  
Specification Name 4.0 or later
Product List
Listed By Miles Smith
BQE Carsten Steinroeder
Referenced QDID Profile Information
 QDID: 28701
Profile / Protocol Role / Version (If Any)
Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol  
Generic Access Profile  
Link Layer Advertising channels (channel index 37, 38, 39)
Advertising State
LL Encryption
Public Address
Random Address
Slave Role
Support Data channel selection algorithm
Support frequency band and 40 physical channels
Generic Attribute Profile Attribute Protocol Supported over LE
Generic Attribute Profile Client
Generic Attribute Profile Server
Attribute Protocol Attribute Protocol Client
Attribute Protocol Server
Attribute Protocol Supported over LE
Security Manager Protocol