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Member Company Laird Technologies
Declaration ID B021369
QD ID 48082   |   Export PICS
PRD 1.0 ID (QP ID)
Wi-Fi® Certification ID
Subsetted Projects
Date Created Type PICS
Jul 15, 2013 Main PICS
Design Name BT800 Series
Design Model Number BT800, 810, 820
Hardware Version Number V1.0
Software Version Number V1.0
Qualification Assessment Date September/23/2013
Listing Date September/23/2013
Design Description The BT800 series of USB HCI modules, and packaged Dongle, are Laird’s first dual-mode Bluetooth v4.0 offerings, bringing support for Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in a tiny package. Leveraging the market-leading CSR 8510 chipset, the BT800 series provides exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding range. Supporting the latest Bluetooth v4.0 Specification with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate), the Laird BT800 series enables OEMs to accelerate their development time for leveraging either Classic Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) into their operating system based devices.

Product Type Controller Subsystem  
Specification Name 4.0
Product List
Technical Data Sheet (RIN) ** Open Reference Integration Notes (RIN) **
Listed By Andrew Dobbing
BQE Steve Flooks
Referenced QDID Profile Information
 QDID: 48082
Profile / Protocol Role / Version (If Any)
Link Manager  
Host Controller Interface  
Link Layer  
4.0 Host Controller Interface