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Member Company Guangzhou HC Information Technology Co.,Ltd.
Declaration ID B021386
QD ID 48645   |   Export ICS
PRD 1.0 ID (QP ID)
Wi-Fi® Certification ID
Subsetted Projects
Date Created Type ICS
Aug 1, 2013 Main ICS
Design Name Bluetooth serial port module
Design Model Number HC-05, HC-06
Hardware Version Number V1.0
Software Version Number V1.8
Qualification Assessment Date August/02/2013
Listing Date August/02/2013
Design Description spp module

Product Type End Product  
Specification Name 2.0
Product List
Listed By Sandy Ling
BQE Zhiwei Zhang
Referenced QDID Profile Information
 QDID: 48645
Profile / Protocol Role / Version (If Any)
Service Discovery Protocol  
Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol  
Generic Access Profile  
Link Manager  
RFCOMM with TS 07.10  
Serial Port Profile  
Interoperability Test Specification