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Member Company Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd
Declaration ID D023635
QD ID 58648   |   Export ICS
PRD 1.0 ID (QP ID)
Wi-Fi® Certification ID
Subsetted Projects
Date Created Type ICS
Jun 30, 2014 Main ICS
Design Name ClarinoxBlueSmartReadyV7
Design Model Number ClarinoxBlue Version 7.0.0
Hardware Version Number
Software Version Number
Qualification Assessment Date July/25/2014
Listing Date July/25/2014
Design Description ClarinoxBlue Smart Ready protocol stack

Product Type Component (Tested)  
Specification Name 4.0
Product List
Affiliate Product Name Model Number URL Description Subset ID Publish Date
ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth Smart Ready protocol stack incorporating BR/EDR and BLE implemented to Core Specification 4.0 Jul 25, 2014
Listed By trish messiter
Referenced QDID Profile Information
 QDID: 58648
Profile / Protocol Role / Version (If Any)
Headset Profile Audio Gateway (AG)
Headset (HS)
Headset Profile v1.1
Service Discovery Protocol  
Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol  
Generic Access Profile  
RFCOMM with TS 07.10  
Serial Port Profile  
File Transfer Profile File Transfer Client
File Transfer Server
Service Discovery Application Profile Local Device (LocDev)
Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol AVCTP 1.3
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile AVRCP v1.4
Object Push Profile Object Push Client
Object Push Server
Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile Acceptor
Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol Acceptor
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile A2DP 1.2
Sink (SNK)
Source (SRC)
Interoperability Test Specification  
Hands-Free Profile Audio Gateway (AG)
CVSD audio coding over SCO
Hands-Free (HF)
Hands-Free Profile 1.6
Phone Book Access Profile PBAP 1.0
Device ID Profile Device ID 1.3
Host Controller Interface  
Message Access Profile MAP 1.0
Messaging Client Equipment (MCE)
Generic Attribute Profile Attribute Protocol Supported over LE
Generic Attribute Profile Server
Attribute Protocol Attribute Protocol Server
Attribute Protocol Supported over BR/EDR (L2CAP fixed channel support)
Attribute Protocol Supported over LE
Security Manager Protocol  
Multi-Profile Specification A2DP 1.2 or later
Accept an incoming voice call (in-band ring)
AVP Suspension
AVRCP 1.3 or later
HFP 1.5 or later
Implements Bluetooth Core Specification v2.1 + EDR or later
MPS v1.0
Multiple Profiles Single Device (MPSD)
PBAP 1.1 or later
PBAP Phone Book Download
Profile (Dis-)Connection behavior